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15 of 36 DevOps jobs found

Go Developer with MachineMax
London, United Kingdom£45k - £80k
2 months ago

Head of Development - Full Stack Developer with Cypient Black
Washington DC / Maryland, Virginia, USA / Remote$80k – $110k
5 months ago

Senior Devops Engineer with FullContact
Denver, Colorado, USA$105k – $130k
6 months ago

Senior Full Stack Developer with Ample Organics
Toronto, Canada$80k – $110k
6 months ago

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer with NexGenT
San Francisco / San Jose, USA$75k – $150k
6 months ago

Software Engineer / Architect with Precognitive
Chicago, USA$90k – $140k
6 months ago

Full-Stack Software Engineer with CancerIQ
Chicago, USA$80k – $120k
6 months ago

Senior Software Engineer with Taloflow
Vancouver / Los Angeles / Sunnyvale, USA$100k – $120k
6 months ago

Backend Software Engineer with LYNK Global
Hong Kong$38k – $62k
6 months ago

Backend Engineer with OptioPay
Berlin, Germany€50k – €80k
6 months ago

Backend developer (Golang) with Careibu
Amsterdam, Netherlands$36k – $60k
6 months ago

Site Reliability Engineer with PubNative
Berlin, Germany€40k – €65k
6 months ago

Senior Software Engineer with OLX Group
Berlin, Germany€65k – €90k
6 months ago

Platform & DevOps Engineer with FATMAP
London, United Kingdom / Berlin, Germany€60k – €70k
6 months ago

Lead Software Engineer with WATTx
Berlin, Germany€60k – €70k
6 months ago