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Software Engineer - External IntegrationsSponsored
Remote (Worldwide)
$66,000 to $96,000 a year
January 2023
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Job Description


We are looking for a software engineer (fully remote) to join our External Integrations team. In this role, you and your team will work on the developer experience and adoption of DNSimple's various automation and integration tooling, including our API clients, Terraform and Consul integrations, and more. Our tools help existing and future customers manage all aspects of their domains and DNS in their specific context and environment.

About the External Integrations team

Since the beginning of DNSimple, automation and integrations have played an important part in the product by providing an API. Starting in 2023, we will dedicate a whole team to driving the initiative forward and developing even more integrations in our product offering.

DNSimple offers a wide range of integration tooling already, including API clients in various programming languages, Terraform, Chef, Consul, and community developed integrations, like adapters for DNSControl, octoDNS and Kubernetes External DNS. All of the existing integrations use DNSimple's API under the hood.

Our customers have successfully implemented integrations with our tooling and heavily rely on our service. For example, the Linux Foundation consistently uses the DNSimple API to configure domains and DNS for their open source projects.

Despite the existing adoption, there are many customer pain points we’ve uncovered that DNSimple wants to solve.

About the job

As a member of the External Integrations team, your work will directly impact our customers by providing integrations to implement DNSimple's solutions in customer-developed applications and systems. You will build new integrations and enhance our existing ones.

The position offers a diverse set of challenges, including working with different programming languages (e.g. Ruby, Go, Rust) and systems (e.g. Terraform, Chef, Kubernetes), building software integrations with an excellent developer experience, collaborating with developers on our open source code, and educating developers about our solutions.

Besides the integration development, you will create demos to showcase the integration features for engineering as marketing purposes. DNSimple wants to provide a seamless experience to integrate successfully with our solutions.

The whole engineering team dedicates time to customer support because we want to foster the shared responsibility of helping customers. We believe in the value of regular exposure to this topic.

Here are some of the projects you might contribute to:

  • Implement a new integration for an external tool or service. We have shipped the Consul integration most recently.
  • Keep the dependencies of our existing integrations (e.g. API clients) up-to-date.
  • Incrementally improve our integration to increase stability and developer experience, e.g., on the Terraform provider.
  • Communicate and collaborate in public, e.g., in our public repositories or vendor-specific channels.
  • Create a demo to showcase the implementation of our integrations, e.g., our Terraform integration.
  • Provide direct support to our customers.


  • You have direct experience working as a software engineer — preferably with solid Go knowledge.
  • You enjoy working with other programming languages as well.
  • You write well-tested and robust code according to modern best practices and standards.
  • You have a strong interest in software design and architecture in the context of consuming and integrating with APIs.
  • You care equally about how software is implemented and completed.
  • You are passionate about working with customers and open-source community members to let them successfully use DNSimple's solutions.
  • Bonus points for knowledge in integrations with projects and tools of the Cloud Native Landscape, especially CNCF projects.
  • Bonus points for the experience of incorporating tools and methodologies into your production deployment workflows, like those from HashiCorp (e.g. Terraform), CI/CD, IaC, and GitOps.
  • You are proficient in the English language, both written and verbal, sufficient for success in a remote and largely asynchronous work environment.


We offer compensation from 5500 USD/month to 8000 USD/month for the position depending on your experience.

DNSimple is a 100% remote company. We offer flexible schedules, and you can work from anywhere.

We are a multinational team that cares for its team members. We are open and welcoming to everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

As part of the team, your input and feedback are not only welcome, they're anticipated. We're a small team and everyone's opinions matters.

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