Go (Golang) Developer Salary Ede, Netherlands in May 2020

Based on the data on Golang Cafe the distribution of minimum and maximum salary for a Go (Golang) Software Engineer in Ede, Netherlands in May 2020.
The average salary as of May 2020 appears to be between €50,000 and €80,000 per year (before tax).

How To Read this data

We have two data frames to analyse. The minimum salaries provided for all job adverts and the maximum salaries provided for all job adverts. Please refer to the picture below.

Salary Example on Golang Cafe

Go (Golang) Salary Stats

Salary Range 10th percentile €40,000 - €80,000
Salary Range 50th percentile €50,000 - €80,000
Salary Range 90th percentile €60,000 - €80,000
Average Salary Range €50,000 - €80,000
Salary Standard Deviation 14,142 - 0
Number of Salaries Quoted 2

Go (Golang) Salary Distribution

In the chart above we can see the distribution of minimum (green) and maximum (purple) salary for Go (Golang) Software Engineer jobs based in Ede, Netherlands as of May 2020

Go (Golang) Salary Trends

The Chart below represents the maximum salary trend over time. When data points are available the chart shows outer p10 p90 percentiles, inner p25 and p75 percentiles and the median trending over time for jobs based in Ede, Netherlands. Data as of May 2020

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