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Backend Golang developer at Tiledmedia - Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Tiledmedia Logo

Salary €40,000 to €60,000 a year
Company Website https://www.tiledmedia.com
Published May 2022
Applicants This Week 4

Job Description

The Job

Are you in love with technology? Do you dream of orchestrating 1000s of cloud nodes in harmony to produce the best streaming experience possible? In a team that builds a service in Go that scales globally to millions of users at the same time? Deploying those cloud platforms worldwide? For example for really big sports events like last summer in Japan? Or this February in China?

Sounds good? Read on, you won’t be disappointed. Still in doubt? Check it out anyway, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Location: Rotterdam, ONSITE

The Football Metaverse – yes, the M-word, I know – but no worries, we are practical people, so read on

At Tiledmedia we develop tech that powers the next generation of video streaming. Be virtually in the Feyenoord Rotterdam ‘De Kuip’ football stadium, powered by our borderless 360 degrees Virtual Reality video, taste the atmosphere and view the game from multiple camera standpoints at ultra high resolutions. Have your selection of tv channels of other matches as small moving thumbnails, switching them to a big screen in the Sky above the ‘Kuip’ if you want to watch a goal in the match Ajax is playing. Talk with a friend who has have the same tv channels like a moving mosaic on his mobile phone, watching the same match as you do, all in total sync and in extreme quality. Jump from one stadium to another just like that – can you see the Football Metaverse appearing?

Talking about quality - our video streaming tech makes sure that people can watch live and on demand VR up to 16K 360 degree. Yes, 16K. And you only need a normal Internet connection, nothing fancy. To quote our CTO Ray: “Just cut it up in tiles, stream it, glue it back together and Bob’s your uncle!” Those tiles, that’s indeed where our name comes from.

We are revolutionising the VR and video streaming industry - big words - that we are turning into reality by executing the Rotterdam saying ‘don’t talk, just work your butt off' but even more by pushing video streaming tech to its absolute limit. Building tech that truly powers the next generation of entertainment (or the Metaverse if you prefer). That is our daily work.

**Want to get an impression of our software stack? **

Here you go: https://tiledmedia-public.s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/Tiledmedia+Stack+CMYK.png

If you’d be our colleague, you could have worked on these things recently. * Went to Beijing to make sure the biggest winter sports event in the world is streamed in extreme VR quality smoothly * Developed Mosaic Multiview, a great way to build user experiences with many moving videos on the same screen, check out https://vimeo.com/683285557 for a cool video showing off the tech * Shop for bread with Lorenzo and clean out the dishwasher in the morning * Work on a new audio stack to support VR spatial sound * Put in a shitload of pull requests, got feedback, changed code, repeat! * Discussed Ukraine, the meaning of life or French coffee cups at the lunch table with your colleagues, while producing the most fantastic sandwich innovations (learn from Yoda sandwich master Xavier) * Actually go to the cinema with your colleagues now it is possible again * Did your monthly walk about with our CEO, discussing over a good cup of espresso how things are developing * Went to a new bar, not ‘De Gele Kanarie’ or 'the Mexican' that are our usual haunts next to the office, to welcome Claudia & Carar – our latest interns.

Check out https://www.instagram.com/life_at_tiledmedia/ for an impression of office life

If you do not have an European Union passport or work permit, sorry, no need to apply.

You read through this entire vacancy and made it to the end. Awesome.

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  2. You like what you read, but you still have more questions ? Sophia, our one woman army is here for you to help answer any questions you may have. Send her an email , no strings attached: sophia at tiledmedia.com
  3. You’re convinced you want to hear more → Just apply and we’ll process your application within 5 workdays. Don’t worry, all applications will be treated with highest confidentiality

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