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Go Developer - Decentralized Social Media - Open Source at Planetary - Remote

Planetary Logo

Salary $50,000 to $150,000 a year
Company Website https://planetary.social/
Published October 2021
Applicants This Week 15

Job Description

Planetary is looking to hire a full time developer to work on open source decentralized social media protocols. Planetary uses and contributes development to the secure scuttlebutt and is working with Twitter’s new Bluesky to build a new decentralized social media protocol.

We’re looking developers who care about changing the world, building a future where a single company doesn’t control our data, where governments and advertisers can’t read our every message.

Planetary is a fully remote company with people in California, Spain, Uruguay, and New Zealand.


You might be a good fit if you have


We’re a funded company doing open source development of a decentralized future that puts communities in control of their digital spaces. We provide competitive salaries to developers located anywhere. This is a full time position.


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