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Browse, view and reach 6 Golang Source developers for hire in May 2024. Search developers experienced in Go, Golang, Docker, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, Python and MySQL. Golang developers like Moeketsi, Freeman, Christopher, Vyrack, Taylor, Jonathan, Zeeshan, Aanam, Betul and Barun and many more are available for hire on Golang Cafe. Last developer joined

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Moeketsi Kotswane Freeman Christopher Neves Vyrack In Taylor Littleton Jonathan Villela Zeeshan Shakeel Aanam Shaikh Betul Ozdemir Barun Wahengbam
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6 of 6 Source Developers for hire found • Sort by Last Updated

Eugene Yarshevich

Currently Available
Munich, Germany 🇩🇪

Experience Level: Lead
Work Preference: full-time, contract
Go C# C Linux Kubernetes AWS GCP Git Open Source

20+ years of experience in Software Development: requirements, design, coding, deployment, debugging, team leadership, and dicrect Customer communication and support. Prefer with startups and R&D. Huge passion for AI and Robotics (Embedded Linux).

Last Updated December 2023


Currently Available
Munich, Germany 🇩🇪

Experience Level: Lead
Work Preference: part-time
PostgreSQL Golang C (Programming Language) C++ Perl Linux Open Source Testing

I'm a leading developer for more than 20 years, used to extreme testing and reviewing, constructing automatic test, develop applications in close consultations with users and management to get the best possible, lasting result.

Last Updated November 2023

Ivan Savciuc

Currently Available
Moldova 🇲🇩

Experience Level: Lead
Work Preference: full-time, part-time, contract
Golang Kubernetes Linux Terraform Open Source Distributed Systems Redis Kafka PostgreSQL DevOps

I'm a passionate software engineer who loves solving problems. I started programming around age 12, had my first paid programming job at 17, and have been building and writing software for over a decade. Over the last decades, while already working in the field, I got my BS degree in Computer Science and became passionate about varying subjects. From operating systems to web development, distributed systems, big data, and modern stacks. I have enjoyed working in distributed systems with Golang / Docker / Kubernetes / Terraform / Redis / Kafka, etc. Over time, I increasingly began to deal with organisational tasks, and my passion for writing software added to creating products and systems. With this came an interest in organising people and processes. In the last few years, I’ve mainly worked in the engineering lead capacity in various organisations - from tiny startups to mid-size companies.

Last Updated November 2023

Quentin Mc Gaw

Currently Available
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg 🇱🇺

Experience Level: Senior
Work Preference: full-time, part-time, contract
Go React TypeScript Prometheus Kubernetes Docker Open Source PostgreSQL Kafka Distributed Systems

Working with Go since 2017. I love parallel programming, distributed systems, devops and security. I have a masters in CS, another masters in electronics engineering.

Last Updated September 2023

Arlo  Mcwalter

Currently Available
Brighton, United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Experience Level: Junior
Work Preference: full-time, part-time, contract, internship
Java Golang Docker Git Open Source OpenGL Backend Development

Hi there! I'm primarily a Java developer with around 3-4 years of experience (1 in industry). The vast majority of my experience is backend only but does involve both 3d graphics (OpenGL/LWJGL) and a small bit of frontend (SvelteKit). I am also reasonably experienced in Go, having used it for most of my personal projects in the last year or so. I have a strong understanding of the OSS toolchain/workflow (Git) and also have experience with CI/CD and cloud deployment/containerisation (Docker).

Last Updated May 2023

Vitaly Zdanevich

Currently Available
Minsk, Belarus 🇧🇾

Experience Level: Mid-Level
Work Preference: full-time
Go JavaScript browser extensions AWS Gentoo Open Source

Built a Gem of 2020 according to Google: (Intelligent Speaker). Coding from 2012.

Last Updated February 2022

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6 of 6 Source Developers for hire found • Sort by Last Updated