Golang Cafe — The Best Place To Find Your Next Golang Job

Golang Cafe aims to be the best place for engineers when looking for their next Go job

Looking for a new job

As software engineer myself, I know, searching a new job is a daunting task. If you are a software engineer you may understand what I am talking about. Overwhelmed.

Recruiters (agencies) seems to appear every day less useful. They do information arbitrage (to get their fat fee) - rather than providing a real and fair service. Conventional job boards are too generic. They don't always allow a right level of granularity. For example when it comes to what technology stack you want to work with . Or what the role is about.

Salary Ranges are info that is really rarely accessible or known right before applying. You might end up running over all the interview process. Realising the role you applied for has different salary range from what you were looking for.

About Transparency

Transparency is almost always a chimera, a pure fantasy. When dealing with third party recruiters and agencies it's a miracle if you get a job spec at all before engaging in conversations.
When you do, it's almost always disappointing as the job description does not provide the information you are looking for.

You end up wasting x10 the time you might actually really need.

Why Golang Cafe

Salary Range information in each Job Ad

Golang Cafe will always have salary range information in each job ad. You should not waste your and the company's time if your expectations don't match with the salary range is. As simple as that.

No Recruitment Agencies

Job Ads from third party recruitment agencies are not allowed on Golang Cafe. Candidates speak directly to companies. No middle-man. No information arbitrage.

Go only Job Ads

Golang Cafe will be only for jobs where the main programming language is Go.