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Nacelle Logo
Senior Backend Developer
$150,000 to $190,000 a year
January 2024
3 Applicants This Week
More Than 6 Months Old

Job Description

The Role: We’re looking for a senior-level Backend Engineer who wants to develop event-driven, cloud architecture microservices in Go and who has existing production experience in Go. Our systems are deployed via GitHub Actions, containerized and deployed into AWS managed Kubernetes. Other elements of our architecture are Kafka, Postgres, and Redis. The ideal candidate is a fast learner, accountable, owns the problem, has a knack for creative problem-solving, and is a low-ego team player. You will join Nacelle’s core development team to develop and build new features for our backend systems. You will work directly with a team of talented engineers and product leaders.

Responsibilities Include: * Collaborate closely with Product to build impactful new technology for our customers * Build and maintain microservices in Golang while leveraging our modern cloud architecture * Conduct code reviews to ensure standards of qualify and observability are met * Write and maintain automated tests

Skills & Qualifications: * 7+ years of in-production backend developer experience * 5+ years of in-production Golang experience * 4+ years developing and deploying modern microservices

Nice to Have: * Experience in the ecommerce space * Experience in a fast-paced, VC-backed, remote SaaS startup

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