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Alex Ryazanov

Alex Ryazanov
Current Location Moscow, Russia 🇷🇺
Last Updated February 2022

go kafka graphQL mongoDB SQL NiFi elasticsearch rabbitmq

Experienced software developer with 11 years of IT experiences in developing web applications using Yii, Symfony 1/2/3, Zend Framework, PHP 5x, MySQL, JQuery, Javascript, CSS. Here is my skills: - Langs: PHP/Golang/Javascript - GraphQL - Kafka (CDC, Maxwell) - MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite - NoSQL (Redis, memcache, MongoDB), Elasticsearch - gRPC - OOP - design patterns - NodeJS - SOA - RabbitMQ, Gearman - PHP Frameworks(Yii/Yii2, Symfony/Symfony 2/Symfony 3, Zend 1, OnPhp) - Nginx - Search Engine: Elasticsearch, Sphinx - PhpUnit, Codexception - Docker - Protocols: REST, SOAP, OAuth, JSON-RPC - Linux: Debian, Ubuntu - Version control systems: Git, Subversion - html - css - xml - Boostrap

Currently Unavailable