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Ankur Rana
Currently Available
London, United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Experience Level: Lead
Work Preference: full-time
Last Updated April 2024

Golang Kafka Elasticsearch Linux


Hello, I'm Ankur, with nearly 8 years in software development. I've always been passionate about optimizing systems for better performance and cost-effectiveness, alongside crafting automation tools to simplify tasks. During my time at Kronos, I developed a tool adopted by multiple teams, saving thousands of work hours monthly. At Fareye, I significantly reduced infrastructure costs by 80% through strategic experiments and system improvements, achieving substantial efficiency gains. Moving on to Tokopedia as a Technical Architect, my role expanded. I created tools used by various teams to enhance their computer systems' performance. While I excel as an individual contributor, I've also led small teams on specialized projects. My strength lies in breaking down complex challenges, devising solutions, and ensuring timely execution across diverse projects. I thrive on tackling intricate problems and devising efficient solutions, irrespective of the technology involved.