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Curtis Bollinger
Currently Available
United States 🇺🇸

Experience Level: Senior
Work Preference: full-time
Last Updated June 2024

Go Redis PostgreSQL Kafka Microservices Mentor Architecture Docker Kubernetes AWS


I am an experienced software engineer with over 10 years in designing and building scalable microservices and full-stack applications. Proficient in Go, TypeScript, Node.js, Docker, Kubernetes, and AWS, I specialize in developing robust systems that drive business growth. At Nacelle, I built event-driven microservices, led architecture decisions, and mentored junior developers. My experience also includes developing full-stack web applications, implementing authentication systems, and transitioning teams to modern tooling. I am passionate about staying at the forefront of technology through personal projects like game development and tools for dietitians. I am currently seeking new opportunities to leverage my expertise in microservices and full-stack development.