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David Stotijn

David Stotijn
Current Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Last Updated May 2022

Go TypeScript Node.js SQL React Serverless AWS GCP

Senior Software Engineer with 10 years’ experience 10 years’ experience building web applications and services at agencies and start/scale-ups. 6 years’ experience building and maintaining Go projects, mainly distributed web services. 4 years’ experience with JavaScript/TypeScript in Node.js and React projects. Built APIs (RESTful, GraphQL, gRPC), (queue) workers, third-party API integrations. Used various (managed) AWS and Google Cloud products for: databases (PostgreSQL, Cloud Spanner, DynamoDB, MongoDB), message brokers, object storage and caching. I’m comfortable with immersing myself in a (new) business domain and pragmatically designing and building software in it. I’m empathetic, with a humble mindset. I can quickly get up to speed in a new work environment and communicate effectively with team members and stakeholders.

Currently Available