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Hamed Hosseini Zabet

Hamed Hosseini Zabet
Current Location Iran
Last Updated June 2021

Go C++ C# ASP.NetCore NodeJS ReactJS Solidity Angular PostgreSQL MongoDB

I am a Software engineer with 5 years of programming experience as a full-stack developer, I have started programming by developing desktop application with C# and WindowsForms & Java and Swing & Python and tkinter, then I started developing Android Apps with Java and Android Studio and after that, I started web development with C#, ASP.NetCore,EntityFrameWork,SQL,HTML,CSS,JS,JQuery as a full-stack web developer, I also have some experience in Django and JSP/Servlet/Spring and MySQL and SQLite as databases, then I became MERN Stack in web, that means, MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, NodeJS. I have experience in blockchain development with ReactJS, NodeJS, Solidity. and Currently, I'm in web development with Golang for building back-end microservices and PostgreSQL & MongoDB for Databases and Angular12 for Front-end, and also interested in Flutter for building Android and IOS Apps for my next step

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