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Himanshu Sawarkar

Himanshu Sawarkar
Current Location India
Last Updated April 2021

Golang Docker Kubernetes Terraform DevOps Microservices AWS

I have excellent 8+ years of extensive experience in Web Application Development and Designing. Excellent Leadership, Technical, Communication, Analytical and Problem Solving skills and ability to get on well with people including cross-cultural backgrounds. Experience of the design patterns and best practices with golang (and more) to start with design and get to deployable production systems including scale monitoring and instrumentation platform. Experience in GoLang concepts like Slices, Maps, Structs, Interfaces, Go routines and Channels and extensive working knowledge with Microservices, Gokit, ORM GORM, cli, Gorilla Mux, go - hystrix, godoc . Backend development in Golang for Limit Monitoring system. Created PDF reports in Golang using XML and database to send all userbase (around 10million end users) monthly and on demand reports. Created RPC-based service for reading large volume of data from PostgreSQL using GO(Golang) Involved in successful migration of C based architecture to GO (Golang). Worked on two major function's feedbacks to clients and Limit monitoring for all participants. Use Golang API/SDK such as viper, gorilla/mux, go-ps, couchbase gocb, grpc, quic-go. Implemented Spring Circuit breaker pattern, integrated Hystrix dashboard to monitor spring micro services. Building a Command line tool to interact with RESTful API using in Golang . Followed AGILE development methodology to develop the application and developed Golang API and chat-bot using TDD to automate software deployments and rollbacks.

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