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Currently Available
Dubai, United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪

Experience Level: Senior
Work Preference: full-time, part-time, contract
Last Updated March 2024



Experienced Senior Associate with a demonstrated history of 10+ Years working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in designing distributed systems. Hands on experience in Cutting edge technologies. Spring Boot, Spark, Jwt, OAuth2,OpenId, Microservice Architecture, Kafka, MongoDB/Oracle/MySql, SOAP, SOA,REST, Jquery, Dojo, Distributed Systems, Apache Zookeeper,CQRS, DDD, Event-Driven, Hibernate,Jenkins,PCF,Docker,Kubernetes/Openshift/GKE/minishift, SAST/DAST Tools(Checkmarx, Veracode, BlackDuck, Twistlock), Batch processing, Event driven architecture, CQRS, 3 Scale, Saga, SAST, DAST Managing Agile methodology work culture -SCRUM, Tracking using Azure dashboard, JIRA, and documentation using Confluence. - Key Skills with Extensive Experince: Azure AD,Channel Integration,Azure CI/CD, Azure Devops Service,Azure Pipelines, Azure Container Deployment, Deployment strategies, Auto Scaling, Azure App Service, Azure Functions,AKS,Azure pipeline, Azure Board, Veracode, Twistlock, Spring, SpringBoot, Hibernate(JPA), PL/SQL, SSO,Spring Integration, Cryptography/Encryption,SSL Certificates,Hashing,Encoding,Salt, HashiCorp Vault, Firewall, F5, SSL/TLS. - Analyze High level design documents - Prepare low level design documents - Architecting Solutions, Application and Infrastructure. (Struts/Spring/Axon/CQRS) in startup. - Architecture RESTful application. “Spring/JPA(Hibernate)”,”SpringBoot/Rest/Jquery/Redis/GitHub/TDD/BDD/Kafka” - Experience migrating tibco services to spring boot - Very good with Database Complex Query writing for Business Intelligent reports using Joins, Aggregation, GroupBy, OrderBy, Inner or Nested Queries (SubQueries), Indexing Concept),Master/Slave replicas,Sharding,Materialized Views - Extensive knowledge on Database Designing, Maintenance and Performance.(i.e. Backup, Restore, Recovery, Table Partitioning) - Have worked with Oracle, PostGres, MySql, SqlServer, MongoDB - Have worked with ESB (Mule Enterprise Service Bus), SOAP Architecture along with XSD,WSDL, XML and xQuery,Munit,Salesforce Connector