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Pavel Shustrov
Currently Available
Dubai, United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪

Experience Level: Senior
Work Preference: full-time, contract
Last Updated July 2024

Golang Microservices PostgreSQL


I am a seasoned Software Engineer with over 10 years of expertise, specializing in the development and implementation of microservices architectures using Golang. My recent focus has been on effectively transitioning systems from monolithic to microservices, enhancing both scalability and maintainability. In my practice, I prioritize efficiency and effectiveness, leveraging rigorous testing and key performance metrics to guide decision-making processes. This ensures that solutions not only meet but exceed business goals by optimizing system performance without unnecessary effort. My strategic use of data helps in making informed decisions that align technical solutions with business objectives, thereby driving organizational growth and innovation. My professional philosophy centers on working smarter, not harder, using advanced tools and methodologies to deliver reliable and high-performing software solutions efficiently.