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Sameer Oak
Currently Available
India 🇮🇳

Experience Level: Lead
Work Preference: full-time, part-time, contract
Last Updated May 2023

Golang Linux C Bash Microservices Git Software Architect MySQL PostgreSQL Algorithms


I've 18 years of experience in developing software products. Server back-end is a challenging job, this's my ground. I've been working on GoLang since 2015. GoLang is the perfect met that is beside of C and bash shell scripting. I've contributed in architecture and development of many products from ground up. There're a packages I've developed, for instance, logger, data caching, worker pool, message queue, rate limiter, cron like scheduler for event notifications, pattern for centralized control over distributed services. In my free time, I love to teach fundamental computer science, GoLang, play soccer, read, trek, etc.