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Sem Niko Benavente Hilario

Sem Niko Benavente Hilario
Current Location Peru 🇵🇪
Last Updated March 2023

go sql no sql rest grpc graphql web sockets docker kubernetes redis

As a talented software developer with expertise in Golang, I am passionate about building innovative and efficient applications. Through my previous role as a Backend Leader at a laundry company, I built the entire architecture based on Clean Architecture, utilized PASETO Token Authentication, Sessions, and Web Sockets, and implemented Concurrency to improve performance. I am also proficient in Java, Spring, jQuery, JSP, Bootstrap4, Postgres, procedures, and MyBatis, and have experience in full-stack development, web design, and IT support. With a desire to continue expanding my skills in Golang, I am now seeking a Golang Developer role where I can contribute my expertise and collaborate on exciting projects.

Currently Available