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Senior Blockchain Developer COSMOS SDK at Coreum - WorldWide

Coreum  Logo

Salary $150,000 to $200,000 a year
Company Website
Published February 2024
Applicants This Week 2

Job Description

Coreum, a leading innovator in the Layer-1 blockchain domain, is actively seeking a skilled Blockchain Developer proficient in Golang and Cosmos SDK.

Key Responsibilities: - Software Architecture Development: Spearhead the architecture, development (from scratch), and maintenance of a new blockchain based on Cosmos SDK, CometBFT (Tendermint). - Development: Collaborate with the team to create third-party services rooted in the developed blockchain, enhancing core functionalities. - Feature Ideation: Conceptualize and develop innovative features, ensuring a balance between user experience and technical intricacies. - Team Leadership: Conduct code reviews and guide a compact development team of 2-3 engineers.

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