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Golang Engineer at Confio GmbH - remote Berlin

Confio GmbH Logo

Salary €65,000 to €80,000 a year
Company Website
Published July 2024
Applicants This Week 4

Job Description

**We are Confio, the team behind CosmWasm. **

A leading force in blockchain technology development, decentralized business models, and innovative approaches to finance. As prominent contributors to CosmWasm, we are actively involved in exciting open-source projects. With strong expertise in the open-source field, we place great value on producing high-quality code and rigorous testing, continuously pushing the boundaries of what technology, governance, and finance can achieve.

Our international team is composed of individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We thrive on challenging ourselves, stepping out of our comfort zones to explore new possibilities, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and teaching.

At Confio, we prioritize the well-being of our employees and embrace remote work. We understand the importance of work-life balance and offer flexibility to ensure our team members can achieve it. Rather than focusing on hours worked, we emphasize results and outcomes as the true measure of success.

The role We are looking for a Golang Engineer to join our team to work mainly on CosmWasm SDK – the SmartContracts engine for Cosmos, as well as CosmWasm Tracing– a tool that meticulously monitors all activities within a CosmWasm chain. You will: • work with Cosmos SDK and contribute to our smart contract platform • build tools to work with Cosmos chains, including CosmWasm Tracing • implement monitoring services • build off-chain services and infrastructure

You • have at least 3 years of professional experience with Golang as a software engineer, of which at least 1 year in Cosmos; • love solving engineering problems; • value code quality, documentation, and delivering; • are good a communicator and respectful with your team and the open-source community; • like spending a lot of time on edge cases that almost never happen; • are patient and think things through carefully; • are self-organized and willing to write and sort your own tickets • can communicate fluently in English (verbal and written); • live in a time zone that is +/- 2h from Berlin;
• Bonus: blockchain experience, Cosmos SDK knowledge is a big plus; • Bonus: experience of working in open source projects.

We offer
• a community which is at the forefront of open source development; • the opportunity to achieve a work-life balance. We prioritize quality of life and do not expect additional hours or after-hours/weekend availability; our team members have the flexibility to work during the hours that suit them best; • the flexibility of a fully remote role. We all work within a 2 hour +/- time zone of Berlin but ensure we meet in person for team bonding events. We encourage local team meet ups and our most recent whole company retreat was a week in Portugal; • a learning and teaching environment; we believe in continuous learning and improvement. You will be surrounded by experienced engineers who are eager to share their knowledge and equally interested in learning from you; • a competitive salary.


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