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Senior Backend Engineer - GoLang (Fintech) at X-Team - Remote

X-Team Logo

Salary $60,000 to $125,000 a year
Company Website
Published June 2024
Applicants This Week 2

Job Description

Most Important: * Develop new services using GoLang to address critical product and business requirements * Design scalable systems using modern cloud technology and industry best practices to solve unique challenges * Communicate a long-term vision for maintaining and scaling our backend systems and teams * Collaborate with engineers, designers, product managers, and senior leadership to translate product and technical vision into a quarterly roadmap * Write high-quality, thoroughly tested code to meet customer needs * This role utilizes the following: Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, K8s, Monitoring, Logging, Queues, and Pub/Sub

Nice to have: * Experience working with Docker * Knowledge of monitoring and managing GoLang infrastructures to ensure optimal performance * Familiarity with AWS DynamoDB * Interest or familiarity with cryptocurrency-focused Fintech solutions

Personal Attributes: * Fluent in English with excellent written and verbal communication skills * Proactive, self-directed, and able to work within a wider team * On-call availability during business hours for critical issues and escalations * Strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills

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