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Senior Golang Software Engineer at ML.S - Vienna, Austria / Remote (Europe)

ML.S Logo

Salary €70,000 to €90,000 a year
Company Website https://ml.solutions/
Published November 2022
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Job Description

MLS is a privately owned company developing next generation software solutions for European Intelligence Agencies.

We are looking for a Senior Golang Software Engineer, with prior hands-on experience in creating networking proxy software. Job involves creating client/server software, using often proprietary, binary communication protocols. Good understanding of advanced networking concepts is required and prior experience with creating proxy software.

You should have a natural ability to establish trust and make people feel comfortable. You approach your work with a spirit of partnership and collaboration, not exclusion or rigidness. You're a resourceful problem solver; you can feel for gaps in what you're working on and suggest solutions. You're a manager of one. You can take a stand yet commit even when you disagree. You prefer direct feedback, and you


• Working remotely requires excellent asynchronous communication skills. We use Basecamp to manage projects and pitch ideas in form of long-form write ups. • Several years of experience programming in a systems programming language, including at least a couple of years of Go experience. • A good understanding of Go idioms and conventions. • Several years of experience designing and implementing distributed systems. • A good understanding of networking protocols (layer 2-7), especially TCP, UDP and QUIC. • Experience designing and implementing custom networking protocols. • Experience with observability tools, like DTrace, eBPF, etc. • An understanding of how to build scalable and secure systems. • An understanding of how the operating system kernel works and interracts with user software. • An understanding of how Tor works, including its weaknesess, possible deanonymization attacks, etc. • Familiar with both Linux/macOS.

Nice to Have

• Several years of C experience. • Hands-on kernel programming experience. • XNU (macOS) kernel experience. • Reverse engineering experience, proficient in tools like gdb, IDA, ghidra, etc. • Practical experience in how to evade Internet censorship. • Experience implementing and operating SOCKSv5 or HTTP proxies.

What we offer • The ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment, learn rapidly, and master diverse web technologies and techniques • Responsible and challenging activity • International and dynamic work environment • Broad, varied task area in which everyone is compelled to make things look beautiful and work flawlessly • Extensive range of further education and training

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