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Orbitium Logo
Senior Blockchain Developer - Golang (Cosmos SDK/Tendermint)
$60,000 to $120,000 a year
August 2022
22 Applicants This Week

Job Description

About Orbitium

Crypto was pioneered as the Big Banks disruptor, the great equalizer of a global society plagued by the injustices of the financial system and the super-rich. Yet, what we’ve seen almost 10 years into the life of this new crypto economy is the concentration of wealth among the very few, high entry barriers, high technology barriers, and little to no change in social equality.

Orbitium aims to rebalance the course of history with an advanced social DeFi app that will enable anyone, anywhere in the world to start earning from Day 1 with the simple click of a button.

The project is now funded and ready to move forward to achieve its mission.

What We’re Looking For?

  • A motivated and versatile engineer who understands developer ergonomics and has great written communication skills.
  • You're a systems programmer with good knowledge of Layer 1 protocols and a passion for blockchain and decentralization.
  • You enjoy working to a high standard and writing code that is clean, performant, and maintainable.
  • You appreciate the importance of careful design choices and can anticipate the impact of code changes on wider system behavior.
  • You can demonstrate a strong interest in blockchain and may even have open source contributions that you can highlight. You express yourself clearly in writing and in discussions.
  • You appreciate team communication and acknowledge its importance
  • You understand the importance of deadlines.


  • Take part in software architecture, lead development (from scratch), and maintenance of a new Layer-1 Cosmos SDK & Tendermint-based blockchain
  • Help team to develop third-party services based on developed blockchain to extend the core functionality
  • Brainstorm and develop new features with consideration to both user experience and implementation details
  • Perform code reviews and lead a small development team (2-3 engineers)

Bonus Points

  • Experience developing on a blockchain node client (preferably Ethereum-like)
  • Knowledge of distributed systems theory obtained from coursework or self-study
  • Smart contract programming experience using Solidity and Web3 APIs

Required Skills

  • 4+ years of experience in blockchain technologies
  • 2+ years of experience with cosmos SDK & Tendermint
  • 3+ years of experience in development using Golang
  • Hands-on expertise in blockchain architecture, design, development, and maintenance
  • At least one production-ready blockchain project
  • Intermediate or above English level

Additional Preferred Skills

  • Experience with Tendermint and Cosmos SDK
  • Good knowledge of cryptocurrencies and DeFi


  • This is a remote job with 8 hours window per day from Monday to Friday.

Perks & Benefits

  • Crypto Token Allocations
  • 25 Days of paid leaves

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Swissblock Technologies AG Logo
Senior Golang Developer Sponsored
Swissblock Technologies AG
Baar, Switzerland / Remote
$50,000 to $120,000 a year
July 2022
24 Applicants This Week

Job Description

● Drive in-depth analysis of the architecture, design and implementation of software systems ● Influence the technical direction of new services and initiatives ● Integrate new exchanges and liquidity pools into the platform ● Integrate on-chain and decentralized exchanges into the platform ● Build and extend knowledge regarding financial instruments

Minimum Qualifications

● BS degree in Computer Science or related field involving coding (e.g. physics or applied mathematics) ● Experience with algorithms, data structures, complexity analysis and software design ● Experience in Go ● Experience with Unix based systems and Docker ● Strong sense for quality, reliability and innate curiosity to learn new things Preferred Qualifications ● Quant trading or high throughput systems background ● Experience working in containerized environments and Kubernetes ● Experience with cryptocurrencies

Perks & Benefits

What we OFFER:

o Join a young, self-funded and already profitable company in a future-proof market o Solve complex problems, never run out of challenging projects to tackle o Freedom to own your decisions and experiment o Flexibility to organize your work the way you like, our remote-first setup enables it o Be one of the main contributors to building a company with its unique culture in the cutting-edge tech space o No approval loops, quick decision-making and full ownership of your function o We are still working on a kick-ass benefit package, help us figure out what we'd need to stand out. Our further benefits are: o Attractive compensation package and 25 days of paid leave per year o Being on the forefront innovation, ability to shape the cryptocurrency revolution o Daily collaboration with an international team of developers, scientists and researchers o Unique opportunity to learn about trading, software engineering and decentralized technology o Regular company events at cool locations worldwide **Disclaimer: **Salary ranges above may vary according to your location and your seniority.

Interview Process

  • Chat with HR
  • Coding task (offline on your own time pace) 5-6 hours
  • Technical interview (2-3 depending on your profile)
  • Chat with CTO
  • Offer
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AREX Markets Logo
Junior-Mid Software Engineer (Go)Sponsored
AREX Markets
Barcelona (HQ) / Remote (Worldwide)
€35,000 to €45,000 a year
July 2022
64 Applicants This Week

Job Description

AREX is a data-driven FinTech that offers SMEs (Small and medium enterprises) innovative Financing as a Service solutions.

Our first product is an automated receivables exchange platform where invoices are converted into a tradable asset class called Exchange Traded Receivables (ETRs). ETRs are then sold on an open market where a single ETR can be purchased by one or multiple investors using automated trading bots.

Building from this we are now leveraging our cutting-edge technology to provide cashflow on-demand through a suite of embedded finance products and direct access to our institutional investor marketplace.

What Will You Do

Collaborate to build and scale our core systems and Marketplace. Create and enhance software based on a tech stack composed by Go, gRPC, PostgreSQL, AWS EKS (Amazon Kubernetes managed service), GitHub Actions, Git, Docker and a bunch of other cool stuff. Help to keep up an Agile environment, focused in delivery to meet our customers expectations. Design simple solutions to complex business problems, ensuring availability and performance. Improve the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), with automation at heart, boosting continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) practices and tools.

You will love this job if you are

Passionate on web technologies and deeply knowledgeable in APIs creation. A programmer with experience in software engineering professional practices, like design patterns, SOLID principles, clean code and Domain Driven Design (DDD) Keen to tackle the challenges of distributed architectures based on microservices. Research and experiment with new technologies that are the best fit for the problem you are trying to solve. We are a startup, we aim to use the right tool to do the job. Excited to have the opportunity to improve your code quality and problem solving skills on a daily basis.

More on this opportunity

At AREX Markets we celebrate diversity and are promoting an inclusive environment in which our team members from all different backgrounds, ages, genders or sexual orientations feel equally appreciated. In order to achieve this, we are committed to shaping a hiring process that provides everyone with an equal opportunity to get hired.

We strive to build a community where everybody is represented, and we make conscious choices to support inclusion and equal opportunities throughout our journey, from the recruitment process to career progression. We therefore actively encourage women to apply for this position, and in general people of different backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives to join the team. We are an open and supportive place to work.

At AREX Markets we are fully remote and flexible, in consequence we are providing the fluidity and tools, including home office equipment, to help you do the job. Our HQ is in Barcelona, Spain, however we are a distributed organisation which keeps a mixed and elastic approach in terms of working on site and remotely.

Perks & Benefits

Besides the salary we offer the following perks

  • A MacBook Pro
  • Equity/Stock options plan
  • Private insurance paid by the company
  • Home office equipment budget
  • Training budget
  • One (1) additional holiday on your birthday
  • Tax relief plan for meals, kindergarten and public transportation
  • Team Building activities
  • Study & Training groups

Interview Process

About The Hiring Process We are keen to explore your resume and, if you would like to, a cover letter with some of the things that drive you, professionally and personally as well. Let us know what makes you excited regarding your future role as a Software Engineer at AREX!

If it seems that we are a good fit for each other, we will set a call! The goal is to explain more details related to the team, tech stack, the duties of the role you are applying for and, more than anything else, get the chance to hear about your trajectory. This should take half an hour.

Next we will share a technical challenge that is expected to be completed within one (1) week. You will get a thoughtful description of the expectations in terms of tech deliverables and the way those will be submitted.

We'll let you know how things went within a week! If it still seems like a good fit all around, we'll schedule a one hour meeting with two of your peers to deep dive into the solution, so you will be able to explain what was achieved, the techniques you applied and trade-offs that were made.

Last but not least, you will get a call from one of our product savvy teammates for a half an hour conversation regarding communication, collaboration and customer focused design techniques.

At this point, you will get an offer letter! If not, we will let you know at any stage of the process, so you aren't left hanging.

Not sure if you'd be the right fit? Apply anyway! We'd love to know more about you and have an open conversation in respect to how we can grow together.

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Ukama Logo
Software Engieer
Remote (100%)
$60,000 to $110,000 a year
July 2022
31 Applicants This Week

Job Description

Together, we will be building hardware and software for anyone to set up their own cellular network.

About the role

Ukama design and implement 4G/5G cloud-native cellular infrastructure (hardware, stack and core) with cloud management and interconnect, basically it means a lot of fun work! We run a complete shop; we design and manufacture the hardware, write the software for hardware, build services in the cloud and then deploy the solution with our partners and customers in the field.

And yes, we love open-source; 100% of our hardware and a significant portion of our software will be open-source!

We are seeking passionate and experienced software engineers to help with the back-end infrastructure, including APIs and micro services, to run various cloud services. At Ukama, you will have broad authority to create, implement and deploy services which will be the backbone of our core technology. You will also help us to define the technical culture of the company and be able to work very closely with the customers.

At Ukama you will:

  • Build products with global impact
  • Create well-designed APIs and microservices that will be used by all our products
  • Connect the underserved and unconnected business, communities and individuals with the Internet
  • Be able to work open source
  • Have a positive impact on company culture

Things you have done before:

  • Architect, implemented and documented APIs and micro services
  • Managed Automation and deployment
  • Contributed to open-source project(s)
  • Been part of high performing technical teams
  • Work remotely with a team across different time zones and cultures.

Bonus to have:

  • Work on cellular stack, at any level.
  • Love of the hardware and embedded systems
  • Don't mind field work with customers

Must have:

  • 3+ years experience designing and building APIs and micro services
  • Experience with statistically typed and compiled language such as GoLang
  • Knack for benchmarking and optimization
  • Opinions about testing and documentation
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

Our Mission:

Empowering anyone to build cellular networks with ease.

We are a mission driven and YCombinator Summer 2020 company, backed by VC, with ~8 employees, working from the USA, India, Pakistan and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Our customer profile includes enterprises, organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals in the USA, DRC, Mozambique and many more.

Empowering everyone with sustainable connectivity and the Internet is a sacred mission of our generation. Be ready for a high impact, ownership and expectation role but we guarantee it is fun. If this sounds exciting to you, please get in touch. We love to hear from you.

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Summon Logo
Senior Golang Engineer
Remote (Americas timezones only)
$110,000 to $160,000 a year
July 2022
10 Applicants This Week

Job Description

We're building a unified developer experience to help software teams move faster and stay focused on achieving their goals. Over the past decades, software development has grown in importance inside organizations and with it there has been a Cambrian explosion of tooling. While each tool is great at what it does, they live in their own silos and weren’t built to work together. These silos lead to disconnected workflows, context switching, and difficulty finding information. Our vision is to build a better way to get work done. Summon brings together your tools and data into one blazingly fast, native experience. We’re just getting started and our ambition is bold: build the best platform for software teams to get their work done. We love what we do and are motivated by working on a product we love using ourselves. You would have an immediate impact as a builder to influence engineering and the direction of the product. You join as a founding engineer and have full ownership working closely with our founders and a team of super talented developers.

Who we’re looking for

We are looking for a full-time backend engineer. Our ideal candidate has 5+ years of experience building event driven microservices or service oriented architectures and has built most facets, if not all, in a "twelve-factor" app. Preference is for real experience (2+ years) in our primary language of Golang, but other languages are considered when able to quickly pick up new technologies. Additional experience in integrating with 3rd party systems, event-driven architecture, databases, and cloud services (AWS, GCP, etc) are important.

You will directly influence how and what to build, and must be comfortable collaborating on the architecture, code, product, etc as we have a strong culture of devops as well as being technically curious, thoughtful and purposeful in what we build. We value deploying frequently with well-written, maintainable, instrumented and tested code to a kubernetes cluster.


  • Develop new products and features in a small team
  • Collaboration with the team to solve technical problems and help shape the product direction
  • Provide technical input and knowledge to the planning, design, and requirements process for new products and features
  • Review other software engineers' code for correctness, style, and completeness
  • Support your team's production software by responding to an occasional alert or bug report
  • Write integration tests and work with our product team to ensure the operation and correctness of new features


  • 5+ years of backend engineering in a distributed systems
  • 2+ years in Golang or 5+ using several languages you were able to quickly pick up
  • Strong knowledge of a variety of database systems (Graph, relational etc.)
  • Experience working with 3rd party APIs and OAuth
  • Comfortable with strong dev ops culture
  • Strong communication skills in English and experience working as part of a remote team
  • Need to be located in timezones UTC-4 through UTC-8 (The Americas)
  • Excited to travel internationally for company retreats (twice a year)
  • Favorite Ted Lasso quote

Why join us?

We love what we do: designing and building great products. But our work isn't the only thing that defines us. We're not trying to create some semi-cult to get people to work here. We simply enjoy working together and building useful and beautiful software for our customers. We’re a venture-backed startup and are looking for someone who is excited about the early stages of building a product and having a tangible impact on the company’s success. You would join a group of repeat founders. We have founded startups backed by top Silicon Valley VCs. While getting huge amounts of venture capital has its advantages, it also puts a company on a very narrow success path. We want to do it a little differently this time. Where raising money and growth is balanced with the goal of being default-alive and capital-efficient. Which gives us optionality and lets us build the company we want to build over the long run.

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ML.S Logo
Senior Golang Software Engineer
Vienna, Austria / Remote (Europe)
€70,000 to €90,000 a year
June 2022
14 Applicants This Week

Job Description

MLS is a privately owned company developing next generation software solutions for European Intelligence Agencies.

We are looking for a Senior Golang Software Engineer, with prior hands-on experience in creating networking proxy software. Job involves creating client/server software, using often proprietary, binary communication protocols. Good understanding of advanced networking concepts is required and prior experience with creating proxy software.

You should have a natural ability to establish trust and make people feel comfortable. You approach your work with a spirit of partnership and collaboration, not exclusion or rigidness. You're a resourceful problem solver; you can feel for gaps in what you're working on and suggest solutions. You're a manager of one. You can take a stand yet commit even when you disagree. You prefer direct feedback, and you


• Working remotely requires excellent asynchronous communication skills. We use Basecamp to manage projects and pitch ideas in form of long-form write ups. • Several years of experience programming in a systems programming language, including at least a couple of years of Go experience. • A good understanding of Go idioms and conventions. • Several years of experience designing and implementing distributed systems. • A good understanding of networking protocols (layer 2-7), especially TCP, UDP and QUIC. • Experience designing and implementing custom networking protocols. • Experience with observability tools, like DTrace, eBPF, etc. • An understanding of how to build scalable and secure systems. • An understanding of how the operating system kernel works and interracts with user software. • An understanding of how Tor works, including its weaknesess, possible deanonymization attacks, etc. • Familiar with both Linux/macOS.

Nice to Have

• Several years of C experience. • Hands-on kernel programming experience. • XNU (macOS) kernel experience. • Reverse engineering experience, proficient in tools like gdb, IDA, ghidra, etc. • Practical experience in how to evade Internet censorship. • Experience implementing and operating SOCKSv5 or HTTP proxies.

What we offer • The ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment, learn rapidly, and master diverse web technologies and techniques • Responsible and challenging activity • International and dynamic work environment • Broad, varied task area in which everyone is compelled to make things look beautiful and work flawlessly • Extensive range of further education and training

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Hunter Logo
Backend Go Developer
Remote (Europe)
$80,000 to $130,000 a year
June 2022
38 Applicants This Week

Job Description

Hunter's product team is hiring a Backend Go developer! You'll become one of the key team members responsible for moving the data side of the Hunter application forward.

We love working as a small team and don't hire frequently. So this is a rare and exciting opportunity to join the team. You'll be part of the product team alongside Bastien (head of engineering), Bernardo (Backend Go developer), Mark (Ruby on Rails developer), Chris (Designer), François, and Antoine (co-founders).

We’ve set up a great work environment for our team, focusing on autonomy and growth. We take full advantage of the fact we’re entirely remote by focusing primarily on async communication and limiting the number of video meetings. Finally, you’ll get to participate in discussions shaping the future of the product.

About the role

At Hunter, we've been working from the start with one Go application (managing all our data) and one Ruby on Rails application (responding to users' requests). This setup has allowed us to be highly productive while our team stays small. We believe in always finding the most elegant way to build our product, and Go has been the ideal language to crawl, parse, and organize billions of public web pages.

As part of a small group within a young company, you will work on various projects over time, but you can expect that:

  • You'll work on our main Go codebase that gathers, processes, and provides all the data of
  • Within a few weeks, you'll become responsible for significant projects that will improve Hunter by building new critical features in our existing services. Over time, you'll help expand our product line.
  • You'll take part in improving a crawler that processes billions of pages per month ([]([](
  • You'll work with the rest of the product team to gradually increase the importance of NLP in our data pipelines.
  • You'll get a high level of autonomy in your work and help shape future development efforts.
  • You'll gather feedback from our Support team to find issues in our current system and improve it.

Hunter is a fully remote team, and this is a remote job. It is open to anyone located in Europe.

About you

  • You have multiple years of experience working with Backend Development. Ideally, you have experience in Go.
  • You enjoy dealing with complex problems and finding elegant solutions.
  • You're confident you can have a high level of autonomy and enjoy making decisions for yourself.
  • You're excited to take ownership of projects, set directions, and make calls. You're able to communicate clearly with your colleagues.
  • You have experience in remote working. You're comfortable working primarily with asynchronous communication and don't need a lot of handholding or supervision.

About us

Salespeople, marketers, and recruiters use Hunter to reach out to the people that matter for their business. We index B2B data from millions of public web pages and make it convenient to explore with simple but powerful tools.

Hunter is the most popular solution to find professional email addresses. It is used by almost 3 million people and leading companies such as Google, Adobe, Microsoft, or IBM.

Hunter was founded in 2015 and is a self-funded company. We're a team of 11 peopleworking remotely from Europe, America, and Asia. Twice a year, the team meets in a company retreat in Europe.

Learn more:


Being part of Hunter will also get you:

  • A yearly gross compensation ranging between 80k and 130k USD
  • Five weeks of paid vacations per year
  • Health insurance
  • Employment status (you won’t be a contractor)
  • Coworking space membership
  • Fully-paid setup (including a MacBook Pro, standing desk, ergonomic chair, etc.)

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CloudLinux Logo
Senior Go Developer - Network Security
$40,000 to $60,000 a year
June 2022
22 Applicants This Week

Job Description

We are looking for talented Senior Golang Developer to join our Imunify Security teams.

We are CloudLinux Inc., the maker of the #1 OS for web-hosting providers. We develop our products -- CloudLinux OS, KernelCare, and Imunify360 -- using the most innovative technologies. Our products are used by thousands of companies around the world, including Dell, GoDaddy, IBM, 1&1, Endurance and many others.

Imunify Security is an innovative security solution, powered by Artificial Intelligence for Linux web-servers. It is designed specifically for shared and VPS/Dedicated servers. The automated, easy to use security solution with the six-layer approach to security delivers comprehensive and complete attack prevention.

Work is fully remote, with flexible hours, where you can plan your day and work from anywhere.

More details about the project you can find on product website, about the company on


  • 5+ years experience in software development
  • Knowledge, understanding and ability to select and analyze the performance of classical algorithms and data structures
  • Ability to write and maintain code in accordance with the Go style guide
  • Experience in multithreaded programming and development of asynchronous applications
  • Good understanding of the network stack and TCP / IP, HTTP in particular
  • Knowledge of Go-testing and debugging tools
  • Performance analysis and optimization
  • Knowledge of Git, good Linux / Unix proficiency
  • Teamwork skills
  • Ability to read and understand someone else's code
  • Good English level, ability to read technical documentation

Would be a plus:

  • Knowledge of Python, C/C++ or any other programming language
  • Experience in open-source projects
  • Knowledge of Internet security basics
  • Knowledge and ability to select suitable data serialization algorithms
  • Familiarity with embedded databases (storage engines) BoltDB, LevelDB and / or others
  • Integration with C code and libraries

By applying for this position, you agree with Cloudlinux Privacy Policy and give us your consent to maintain and process your personal data with this respect. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

Perks & Benefits

  • A great opportunity for professional development within the young and fast-growing company
  • Interesting and challenging projects
  • Knowledge-Exchange
  • Remote work with long-term employment on a full-time basis under contract
  • High-level compensation based on the performance reviews
  • Compensation in the US dollars
  • Flexible working hours
  • Paid one month vacation per year and sick leaves
  • Medical insurance (according to the company policy)
  • Days off on national holidays
  • Individual coach sessions;
  • Ability to study and attend seminars and training according to the request;
  • Co-working and gym/sports compensations (according to the company policy);
  • The opportunity to receive a reward for the most innovative idea that the company can patent.
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Tyk Technologies Ltd Logo
Senior Go Developer - API as Integration
Tyk Technologies Ltd
£60,000 to £70,000 a year
June 2022
17 Applicants This Week

Job Description

**Who are Tyk, and what do we do? **

The Tyk API Management platform is helping to drive the connected world and power new products and services. We’re changing the way that organisations connect any number of their systems and services.Whether internal, external, public or highly encrypted systems, Tyk helps businesses drive value across the retail, finance, telecoms, healthcare, or media industries (to name just a few!)

If you’ve banked online, used an app to check the news, or perhaps even driven a connected car, API’s, and by extension, Tyk, make that possible. Founded in 2015 with offices in London, Atlanta and Singapore, we have many thousands of users of our B2B platform across the globe. Brands using Tyk range from Lotte, Bell, Dominos, Starbucks, to RBS and Societe Generale. We have a varied user base hailing from every continent – even Antarctica.

Our Mission

Tyk is on a mission to connect every system in the world. We’ve started by building an API Management platform.

Total flexibility, default remote, radical responsibility

We offer unlimited paid holidays and remote working from anywhere in the world, for everyone, Why? Tyk was founded on the principle of offering flexibility and autonomy to our employees, we believe this allows our employees to achieve their best results. It also means we can build the best possible team, location and working hours are no barrier.

If this sounds like an environment that you believe could work for you then read on to find out more.

The role

You will be responsible for designing and building out compelling and quality solutions for our Universal Data Graph (UDG) product. You will work closely with Product Managers, Technical Leads, Engineers, QA experts, and UX Designers to shape and deliver high quality and high efficiency solutions for Universal Data Graph. You will be expected to input into UDG strategy, and be a keen advocate of continuous improvement concepts in our software engineering lifecycle – continuous testing, continuous integration, linting etc.

You will be a talented line manager, with experience in running teams, mentoring junior engineers, and leading a culture of empowerment and constant process and standards improvement.

Here’s what you’ll be getting up to: * Contributing to strategic direction of UDG, working with the Senior Product * Manager to suggest new ideas or challenge existing strategy * Developing our event driven GraphQL (GQL) subscriptions product * Building data connectors and resolvers to myriad datasources and which can be transformed into a GQL end point * Working with our UX team to create highly efficient and beautiful solutions which leverage no-code principles and ‘drag and drop’ ease of use * Iterating and improving our federation solution for dividing GQL implementation over multiple back end data sources * Designing and delivering analytics solutions for GQL and UDG * Advocating and driving a continuous improvement agenda for how we engineer – driving continuous testing, continuous integration, test coverage, linting etc and driving your teams to adopt the same mindset * Responsible for ensuring your teams feature to debt ratio remains healthy * Working with the Product Manager to architect solutions to future roadmap items or new capabilities, using well accepted design patterns that allow for future scaling * Working with DevSecOps to embed a security first approach to our product iteration and ensure what is released is safe for our customers * Takes responsibility for the quality, maintainability and flexibility of code written by your team * A leader of ensuring we write automated tests for every new capability and bug fix and ensure this culture permeates. * Have a clear focus on creating , coding, and testing solutions for non functional use cases – technical debt reduction, documentation improvement, security, stability, bug fix * Driving your teams adherence to Tyk coding standards – ensuring test cases are written, ensuring documentation is written, driving high levels of automation in our pipeline process, ensuring tests are passing before merge * Driving your teams adherence to Scrum process , being an example in working to definition of ready / done, improving estimation, documentation first etc * Be a key shaper and contributor to our continuous improvement agenda – be it the clarity of our user stories, how we estimate, or how we ensure continuous testing, we expect this role to be advocate of continuous improvement * Play an active part in our Scrum process, helping to ensure tickets are well groomed and planned for the next sprint * Line management of a small team – mentoring, improving, leading performance reviews, assisting in objective setting, and reviewing progress against our progression matrix * Leads the drive to embed and run a DevOps culture where we have a clear focus on release engineering quality and automation

Here’s what we’re looking for:


  • Strong backend engineering experience in Go
  • Strong understanding and experience of GraphQL
  • Working experience with Scrum
  • Strong understanding of integration principles and meshing myriad data sources into one
  • Expert in building brilliant software engineering process with high levels of automation
  • Passion for continuously improvement software delivery lifecycle
  • Experience of influencing and guiding product strategies through technical knowledge
  • Line and team management and mentorship – creating outcome focused teams, accountability, thirst for improvement, and culture of innovation and empowerment
  • Deep working understanding of DevOps best practice, particularly in relation to release engineering
  • Good working experience of security first software development
  • Experience with software engineering best practices (e.g. unit testing, code reviews, design documentation)
  • Experience with Redis and MongoDB


  • Very organized and exceptional attention to detail
  • Passion for continuously improvement software delivery lifecycle
  • Happy to input into and challenge product strategies based on technical knowledge
  • Strong communication skills
  • Hands on development experience scaling complex systems
  • Considerable backend engineering experience
  • Familiarity with Kubernetes or other orchestration tools
  • Experience building applications in Go, C, C++
  • Passionate about working on and contributing to Open Source

Here’s why you should join us:

Everyone has unlimited paid holiday. We have total flexibility in hours, as we believe creativity flows better when our people are given freedom to decide when they are most productive. Everyone is unique after all. Generous maternity and paternity leave Company retreats

We all share the same vision – we value authenticity, respect, responsibility, independence, honesty, diversity and inclusion and most importantly treating others how you wish to be treated. We look for like-minded people who bring their personalities to work everyday, strive to achieve their personal goals and who are willing to challenge the way we do things, why? – to make what we do even better!

Our values tell the story of Tyk – here’s how:

It’s ok to screw up! We’ve found that it’s often the ‘stupid’ or unexpected ideas that turn out to be the successful ones – so try it, at least we can say we have!

The only stupid idea, is the untested one! It’s in our DNA – starting a business with founders 12 hours apart, giving our gateway away for free – sure, we did that, and we’d do it again!

Trust starts with you – make it count! Trust is a two-way street – instil it from day one!

Assume best intent! We have each other’s back – we’re all on the same team. Think before you speak or act.

Make things, better! Always try to leave things better than when you found them – change is constant, inevitable and embraced! Be that change we want to see.

What’s it like to work here?! check it out:

Tyk is an equal opportunities employer and we are determined to ensure that no applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, age, disability, religion, belief, sexual orientation, marital status, or race, or is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justifiable.

You can see more about us here

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Severalnines Logo
Senior Golang Engineer - Cloud/Backend
100% Remote (Sweden)
$58,000 to $80,000 a year
June 2022
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Job Description

Come join the revolution as we help developers and enterprises build and move their databases to the cloud. The IDC estimates the database market will be $119B by 2025 and the fastest growing segment is DBaaS. Be part of this titanic shift, be part of the revolution, come join Severalnines and make a difference.

A career at Severalnines means working alongside some of the smartest and most talented people in the open source database world. We’re headquartered in Kalmar, Sweden, and all work remotely from our home offices. Join us and be part of a company that's building the next generation cloud services and automation for SQL and NoSQL open source databases - be it on-premises or in the cloud.

Must-have Skills and Experience:

  • Good understanding of Golang and microservice architecture
  • Commercial experience in software development - backend systems preferably
  • Experience in working with RPC frameworks such as gRPC and developing RESTful APIs with TLS
  • Understanding of relational and NoSQL databases
  • Linux background

Nice-to-have Skills and Experience:

  • Experience working with message queues like RabbitMQ or KubeMQ
  • Experience in building and deploying containerized services

Our stack:

  • Golang and React
  • PostgreSQL
  • GitHub, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Google Cloud

Who we are:

  • Remote first startup
  • We are just 38 friends/ colleagues
  • There are 5 members in your team (Go, React, QA)

What we offer:

  • We offer the B2B contract with full-time employee benefits
  • You can work from anywhere 🌍
  • Flexible working arrangements (up to you and your team) ⏰
  • 4 weeks paid vacation annually
  • Paid public holidays in your country
  • Home Office budget to setup and maintain your virtual office (PC, Notebook, Headset, etc.)
  • Team retreats at least two times per year (except the covid crisis)
  • A flat, non-hierarchical structure and friendly atmosphere
  • You can learn about the most advanced ways to deploy and monitor database clusters

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